Tell Your Legislator: We need to expand the dental team now.

More than half of Maine’s low-income children don’t have access to a dentist. Neither do tens of thousands of adults. But when toothaches go untreated, they can lead to the hospital emergency room where care is more expensive and taxpayers often pick up the bill.

With 48 percent of our dentists near retirement, this problem is going to get worse — unless we act now.

Maine can help address this shortage by expanding the dental team — with a healthcare professional who works with a dentist and can handle routine procedures like cleanings and fillings.

Seventy-eight percent of Mainers agree this is a change we need to make. Now it’s up to our legislators.

We want to apologize for any confusion between our web site - Dental Access For ME, with the Maine Dental Access Coalition. The Dental Access Coalition has recently been renamed the Maine oral Health Coalition and can be found at  to reflect that its mission extends to include the quality and affordability of oral health care, as well as access. We are happy to support the good work done by the Maine Oral Health Coalition and hope that all of our supporters will also.

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